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Effective Junk Removal Services to Count On

Rid your property off of all unwanted items with the help of a dependable junk removal company! Ronald Trash Service is here to provide cost-effective and timely solutions that never fail. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are quite happy to serve all the businesses and homeowners in Germantown, MD, and help make our community even cleaner with proper junk and trash disposal services.

What We Offer

House Cleanout

House Cleanout
Let us come to declutter and clear your home. Whether you prepare to move out, deal with an estate on your own, or simply organize the space, our services will help you remove unwanted items, ensuring a clean living space.

Garage Cleanout

Garage Cleanout
Want to finally organize your garage? Call our team to help you remove unused things and old belongings. We can assist you in organizing your tools and equipment while taking out the trash and junk. Let us turn your garage into a functional space once again.

Light Hauling

Light Hauling
We provide convenient solutions for transporting and disposing of small to medium-sized items. Whether it is old furniture, appliances, or other items you do not need anymore, we will handle the loading, transportation, and disposal, making it easy for you!

Yard Cleanup

Yard Cleanup
Is your yard covered in leaves, loose debris, or scrap materials? Turn to us for detailed and timely yard cleanup. We will gather all the trash and debris, pack it into our vehicle, and dispose of it safely. Your yard will be spotless and trash-free in no time.

Basement Cleanout

Basement Cleanout
In many households and commercial establishments, basements are used as storage. If you notice that you have items stored there that are no longer of use to you, call us to pick them up. Under our clients’ guidance, we will perform a thorough basement cleanout!

Free Up Some Space

Every property generates a certain amount of junk or trash over time. In many cases, people store broken appliances, furniture, and other out-of-use items in their basements, garages, and other storage areas, sometimes for years. When the time comes for a complete cleanout, hiring trusted trash service providers is an excellent choice. Here at Ronald Trash Service, we can help with every aspect of the work at hand. This means that we will do the heavy lifting, cleanup, loading, and disposal of the junk items in question. If you’re looking to save time and delegate some of the hard work to professionals, reach out to us! Satisfaction is guaranteed!

How We Operate

We conduct residential junk removal services using the proper protective gear and the right vehicles for the job. We show up on time to pick up all the items that our clients want to get rid of. The pickup can be curbside or we can help perform the complete yard or basement cleanout. Once we have loaded everything up, we will dispose of the junk in the appropriate manner, recycling whatever can be recycled.

The Areas We Operate In

Thanks to our extensive experience and the reliable vehicles and equipment we have invested in, we are always prepared to take on small or large-scale projects. In order to help as many clients as possible clear out their properties of unwanted junk, we’re proud to offer the use of our services within Germantown, MD and in an additional 50-mile radius which covers areas in Washington DC/Virginia. Here are some of the cities we serve:

  • Washington Grove Town, MD
  • Damascus, MD
  • Laytonsville, MD
  • Travilah, MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • Hughesville, MD
  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia
  • Urbana, MD
  • Prince George’s County, MD

Book an appointment with a dependable trash collection company by contacting Ronald Trash Service directly. We always look forward to helping our clients in Germantown, MD get rid of anything they no longer need. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Jocelyn Ward on Ronald Trash Service
Trash Removal

Professional service excellent customer service. I would refer them wholeheartedly.

Ronald Trash Service
Germantown, MD 20874
Phone: (202) 423-7934

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